Flu Fighters Recognized by Kimberly-Clark Professional

Reprinted with permission © 2012, Building Owners and Managers Association International, www.boma.org.

Kimberly-Clark Professional* recently announced the winners of the Clean Hands Campaign and Flu
Fighters Contest. The campaign asked property professionals to help spread the word to staff and
tenants about what they can do to create a healthy environment in the workplace, especially during flu
season. Flu Fighter contestants sent in information about the procedures and products put in place in
their workplace to help stop the spread of flu. Flu Fighter winners include:

Facility Manager category (winner of $25K in touchless dispensers and products)

Myrna, Praxair, Inc.
Flu Fighter Strategy: Communicated via e-mail, posters and meetings about the annual flu and H1N1
virus. Free flu shots and personal hand sanitizers were made available. KLEENEX® tissue, disinfecting
wipes, and LYSOL spray were also provided.

Office Workers category (winners of a year’s supply of KLEENEX® tissue and KIMCARE* hand sanitizer)

Patrick, Parmenter Realty
Flu Fighter Strategy: Hand sanitizer dispensers were added to elevator lobbies and auto tissue
dispensers were added inside bathrooms.

Bill, Runge Paper
Flu Fighter Strategy: Incorporated the use of hands-free dispensers, and established hand sanitizer
stations throughout the building. Employees are encouraged to get flu shots, and CDC guidelines were
posted throughout the building, including next to exit doors with trash cans underneath.

Laura, Telenet Marketing
Flu Fighter Strategy: Sent frequent reminders on hand-washing tips, such as singing the alphabet song
while washing to ensure hands are washed thoroughly.

Cindi, Cherokee Boys Club
Flu Fighter Strategy: Encourage the use of own pen or pencil to write with, and spraying desks daily with
Lysol to stop the spread of germs.

Londra, Nufarm Americas Inc.
Flu Fighter Strategy: Installed KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* antibacterial foam dispensers next to
the time clock to be used upon entering the building. The dispensers are also installed in each of the

Patti, Corporate One Federal Credit Union
Flu Fighter Strategy: Purchased sneeze guard covers for food served at meetings. No more open
containers or food products are allowed; everything is individually wrapped or covered.

Emily, MonkeyCat Books
Flu Fighter Strategy: Provided hand sanitizers, boxes of tissues and wastepaper baskets everywhere, as
well as hand washing supplies in the facilities. Encourage good hygiene techniques – especially when

Josephine, GBRA Regional Lab
Flu Fighter Strategy: Have a ‘Stay Home when you are sick’ policy in place. Demonstrated how to cough
and sneeze into your elbow. Clean all phones with isopropyl alcohol at the end of each day to stop the
spread of germs.

Patti, Shreve Land
Flu Fighter Strategy: Hands-free towel dispensers were installed in the building.

Karen Grubb, Northern Illinois University
Flu Fighter Strategy: Cough, Cover, and Clean signs were posted all over campus. Use germ-killing wipes
and hand sanitizer in the office.